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I Dr. P.K Govind established Karthik Foundation in the memory of my son Master Karthik K Govind. On knowing the necessity of an educational institution in this locality, along with the other trustees I have toiled day and night to establish “Kamala group of Institutions”.

Education is essential as it plays a vital role in the development of human civilization. Knowledge is divine and enlightens one’s life with a bright future. Understanding that Education and Knowledge are the 2 faces of the same coin, I have founded this educational Institution where children are moulded into responsible citizen.

In the accomplishment of Master Karthik’s mission, I have chosen capable master’s in respective subjects, to bestow quality education and strengthen student’s capacities in all fields to meet the challenges of competitive world and gain success.

Karthik Foundation has an enviable track record of promoting several educational establishments catering to the needs of learners from school to the college level under one roof. Karthik Foundation believes in harnessing the true capability in every student, which will forge him to reach higher goals throughout their life.




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