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Smart Classes

Integration of audiovisual teaching with the conventional teaching is an important feature of Kamala Central School.


The different types of activities that are conducted to the students are Quiz, Group discussion, Mind mapping, Quiz for applying thought, Data sufficiency, Quiz for mental ability, Quiz for logical ability and Folding and Unfolding of concepts.


Projects play a very important role as they inculcate scientific temper, competitive spirit and zeal to learn among the students. Projects develop coordination ability and team spirit to work. They check their presentation skills too.

Mind space increasing program

Special orientation on

  • Speed mathematics
  • Quantitative aptitude
  • Mathematics Olympiad
  • Mental Ability


Regular counselling is done to the students by the Principal, Main teachers, Vice principal and Associates. This motivates and builds the confidence in the child.

Relaxation Techniques

Students are trained to master the relaxation techniques like - Yoga, Meditation etc.


"Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body".

Sri Karthik central School Library house is an expansive collection of books categorically, that suit the reading levels of different age groups.

The in house library also subscribes to leading national dailies and journals. Further there is an audio and video collection that can be used for classroom purposes.



Karthik Foundation encourages a healthy balance of work and play. Students are encouraged to experience the challenge and reward of sports, spirit of participation and pursuit of excellence through the diverse sports programme available at the school.

Qualified and competent instructors manage the sports department. Students learn invaluable lessons in mental strength, concentration, physical conditioning and coordination, strategic and tactical planning and of course, teamwork.
Annual inter branch sports meet is conducted to imbibe in the children a competitive spirit.

A plethora of activities is kept open for the children to participate. These activities range from athletics / team games as well as indoor games.


A well equipped laboratory to conduct practical experiments and activities is established in the institution. The labs support the activity based approach and make learning significant and stimulating.

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